Dues Structure
Annual Membership
  • $180.00 per year
  • $60/quarter minimum spending
Junior Membership (under 35)
  • $90.00 per year
  • $60/quarter minimum spending
Corporate Membership
  • $330.00 per year
  • includes 4 employees
  • $60/quarter minimum spending
Non-resident Membership
  • $180.00 per year
  • no minimum spending
Membership Application
Junior Membership Application
Corporate Membership Application
Non-resident Membership Application
Application Process
All applications must be witnessed and signed by a sponsor who is a member in good standing and be accompanied by the appropriate dues as well as a copy of a valid drivers license. Membership is subject to the approval of the Board of Directors.

Non Resident status is defined as having a permanent primary address which is outside of a 100 mile radius of Wyomissing. The minimum spending requirements are waived for this category.